• RK University Ayurvedic College is established On 14th August 2017 with approval of Ministry of AYUSH , New Delhi, Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) & State Government of Gujarat with intake capacity of 60 students.
  • All the departments are well equipped with Instruments, Models, Charts and Chemicals.
  • Department of Rachana sharir – Under this department dissection is performed & structure of human body is studied in detail.
  • Department of Kriya sharir – Works to study the functional aspects of human body.
  • Department of Sanskrit-Samhita and Siddhant – which is the base of Ayurveda, where the original texts of Ayurveda are studied and special emphasis is given to work on manuscripts and to enhance the skill of reading between the lines.
  • Department of Dravyaguna – where medicinal uses of plants are studied. Dravyaguna department is equipped with Herbal Garden. Variety of medicinal plants are available under one roof.
  • Department of Ras-shastra & Bhaishajyakalpana – In this department medicines will be prepared as per original texts of Ayurveda. Special emphasis will be given to follow the classical method of medicine preparation. All models are available as per CCIM.
  • Deprtment of Rognidan & Vikruti vigyan – Examination of patient, pathology of diseases, & diagnostics methods are studied as per Ayurvedic perspective.
  • we also have,
    • Department of Prasootitantra & Streeroga
    • Department of Kaumarbhritya
    • Department of Agadatantra
    • Department of Swasthavritta
    • Department of Kayachikitsha
    • Department of Panchakarma
    • Department of Shalyatantra
    • Department of Shalakyatantra

To fulfill academic & practical needs of students.