• Kayachikitsa branch deals with diagnosis & treatment of a variety of general disease caused due to weak digestive fire.
  • All diseases are diagnosed with Ayurveda perspective and Shastrokta medicines are given, following the Ayurveda Siddhantas (Principles)
  • Disease like high Blood pressure, Diabetes mellitus, Migraine, Depression, Sciatica, Insomnia, Hypothyroidism etc. are treated here with good results.
  • Along with treatment of diseases equal importance is given to lifestyle modifications, as it is having equal role in disease manifestation. Diseases or symptoms like Hypertension, Madhumeha (Diabetes), Aamvat (Rheumatoid arthritis), Ajirna(Indigestion), Amlapitta (Hyperacidity) etc. can be avoided or can be cured alone by lifestyle modifications.
  • Guidelines for Ayurveda Dinacharya (daily regimen) and Ritucharya (seasonal regimen ) is given to prevent diseases.