Celebration of 3rd Foundation Day

Posted on October 22nd, 2019 @ 10:15am

To be a centre of excellence and global resource in the field of Ayurveda education with this vision RK university lead down the stone of Ayurvedic College and Hospital, Three years back. On this occasion, different types of competitions were arranged for students.

On 12th August 2019, Diagram Drawing Competition by Dept of Rachana Sharira and Chart Preparation Competition by Dept of Kriya Sharira were arranged for first year students.

Shloka Recitation Competition was held for first year students on 13th August 2019 by Dept of Sanskrit Samhita & Siddhant

To make study more interesting and creative Ayurbodh Quiz Competition  was arranged on 13th August 2019, for second year BAMS students, by Dept of Samhita & Siddhant, Dept of Dravyaguna and Dept of Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana.

On 14th August 2019, Foundation Day of the college was celebrated. Different performances of dance and singing were done by students in group and solo. All the winners were rewarded with certificates and prizes by the dignitaries of college and university.

For this celebration Mr. Denish Patel - Vice President RK University, Mr. Mohit Patel - Vice President RK Universtiy, Mr. N. S. Ramani - Registrar RK University, Director of ACH Dr. Pushpalata Kamble, all faculties and non-teaching staff were present to grace the occasion.