Dhanwantari Sports Week 2020

Posted on September 17th, 2020 @ 08:07am

It was a mesmerizing event of gathering three Institutes together - RK University Ayurvedic College, Rajkot; B. G. Garaiya Ayurveda College, Rajkot; Global Institute of Ayurveda, Rajkot on one platform with the overall more than 500 spectators including participants. Both Indoor & Outdoor games were the part of these sports week. 

After Dhanvantari puja & deepa-praagatya the commencement of the events took place with enthusiastic participations from day one conducted on - 29th January 2020 Chess, Carrom & Table Tennis conducted at Global Institute of Ayurveda campus at the same day afternoon session of Badminton was conducted at indoor Badminton court of RK University Ayurvedic College, Rajkot. Second Event of Volleyball & Kabbadi for students & faculty was conducted on 30th January 2020 at the grounds of B. G. Garaiya Ayurved College, Rajkot. Third Event of Cricket for students & faculty including male & female was conducted on 31st January to 2nd February 2020 at Noble Cricket Ground. Coordinators for the successful organising of the Events --

Chess – Dr Sharvari Satkar Dongare

Carrom – Dr Ketki Wagh

Table Tennis – Dr Shweta Shetty Pande

Kabbadi & Badminton – Dr Nivedita Dhanvijay & Dr Manish Kumar Patel

Volleyball – Dr Gaurav Dongare

Cricket – Dr Manoj Pande

All the days the energy level of the participation among faculty and students were adjoining their nearness towards each other in a friendly atmosphere and winning team spirit.

The events were concluded with the encouraging & congratulating speeches. Finally the moment was ended with the scoreboards, winning shields, momentum, medals and smiling faces.


Students Achievements –

Sr. No.




Thumar Manthan & Team

Won The Series Of Cricket (Boys)


Sweta Mer & Team 

Won the Series of Cricket(Girls)


Sweta Mer

First Prize in Badminton Singles


Sweta Mer & Aayesha Ishani

First Prize in Badminton Doubles


Bhakti Kalola

First Prize in Carrom Singles


Aayesha Ishani & Bhakti Kalola 

First Prize in Carrom Doubles


Yadi Patel 

First Prize in Table Tennis


Ayesha Ishani

Runner up in Badminton Singles


Yatri Narigara & Bhakti Kalola

Runner up in Badminton Doubles


Priyank Bhalia & Manthan Thumar 

Runner up in Badminton Doubles


Pavan Sorathiya 

Runner up in Carrom Singles

Faculty Achievements –





Dr Ketki Wagh

Runner-Up in Carrom


Dr Manish Kumar Patel

Won Man of the match &

Awarded for Good Management


Dr Manoj Pande

Awarded for Good Management

Organizing such events helps the students to develop leadership qualities, discipline, sense of friendliness, learn respect for opponents, colleagues, on & off competitive atmosphere on the field, learn to cope up with success & failure and never give up attitude in life. Sports help to dwell positive self-esteem in students. When students learn positive life lessons through sports, there is no doubt that they will become honest, reliable human-being who will try to help the society, nation at any moment.