Poshana-Amrutam National Webinar Series

Posted on September 23rd, 2020 @ 09:07am

Objective of the program :

To spread awareness about nutrition in general public on the occasion of National Nutrition Week 2020


Brief description of the program :

Nutrition is very much essential to the health of any person & same for building a healthy nation. National Nutrition Week is celebrated in our nation every year in the first week of September. In accordance with that Poshana-Amrutam national level webinar series is organized.


Outcome of the program :

All the webinars of the series were focused on its objectives. 2000+ persons were impressed by this webinar series and registered for the same. 500+ persons were joined throughout the series and given their feedback also while a lot more number of people had watched the sessions through YouTube & Facebook. Although this was a national level webinar series, 21 international participants joined from 13 countries.


Details :

Resource Person


YouTube Link

Dr Ketki Wagh

Changing Nutritional Habits With Old Age


Dr Bhargav Mehta

Nutritional Disorders In Children And Its Management


Dr Bhavin Dubal

Healthy Eating Habits : An Ayurvedic Perspective


Dr Pooja Makadiya

Nutrition : A Basic Element Of Menstrual Health



Date & Time : 2 PM everyday from 1st to 4th September, 2020