International Day of Yoga 2021

Posted on June 24th, 2021 @ 06:57am

International Day of Yoga 2021 was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm at RK University Ayurvedic College and Hospital on 21/06/2021 with the participation of all the students.

A 2-day training program was conducted on 18/06/2021 and 19/06/2021 by Dr Ketki Wagh for students as per the Common Yoga Protocol. Students learnt about various benefits of practicing yoga and had a practical demonstration of the yoga protocol. Following that, on 21/06/2021, a Live Yoga Session was conducted in which more than 200 students participated.

The session was inaugurated by Prarthana sung by Dr Ketki Wagh, Bansi Likhiya and Kruti Fultariya. Dr Ketki Wagh conducted the session including various asana and pranayama for all the male students in Yoga Hall 1 and Dr Deepa Rananavare conducted the session of asana and pranayama for all the female students in Yoga Hall 2. The session was concluded by taking Sankalpa for promotion of peace, health and harmony.