2021 Educational Tour to Ayurvedic Pharmacies and Medicinal Gardens

Posted on March 9th, 2022 @ 09:26am

“According to Acharya Charaka, The identification of medicinal plants should be learned by the Goatherds, Shepherds, Cowherds and other forest dwellers.”

In Accordance with this quotation and to explore different medicinal plants and to learn different methods for formulations, RK University Ayurvedic College & Hospital organized an educational tour to South Gujarat for students of second year BAMS from 27th to 31st July, 2021.

Under the guidance of Dr Dhirajlal Vaghasiya and Dr Milind Chatrabhuji, Department of Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana, students visited three GMP certified Ayurvedic Pharmacies.

  • Atmanand Saraswati Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Surat
  • Dhyan Ayurvedics, Navsari
  • Government Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Rajpipla

Students learnt practical aspects of industry manufacturing ayurvedic medicines of different dosage forms like tablets, pills, capsules, syrups, self-generated alcohol, granules, powder, medicinal oils etc

Under the guidance of Vd Nikita Pamnani, Department of Dravyaguna and with the help of the guide Mr. Jayendrabhai Zala at Herbal Garden, Rajpipla, students got chance to see the various medicinal plants like Prishniparni, Raktachandana, Shweta Chandana, Laghu Gokshura, Priyala, Bhallataka, Langali, Jyotishmati and many more which enriched their knowledge of plant identification. At Rajpipla Government Ayurvedic Pharmacy, students got the chance to see crude drugs like Chandana Sara, Karpura, Guggulu and many more. Students also got the chance to visit Arogya Vana and Charaka Aushdhi Vana at the Statue of Unity. Students saw flowering and fruiting of Haritaki, Flowering of Khadira, Brahmi, Trivrut and many more with the help of guide, Mr. Hiren Maheta.

Vd. Shruti Vinchhi from the Department of Roga Nidan & Vikruti Vigyan, joined the educational tour and helped as a faculty throughout the tour to make it successful and more fruitful.