Transitional Curriculum for 2022 Admission Batch

Posted on January 17th, 2023 @ 02:59pm

Duration: 18th April to 5th May

Transitional Curriculum 2022 for newly admitted students in 1st Professional BAMS at RK University Ayurvedic College and Hospital, Rajkot was conducted successfully as per the guidelines given by NCISM containing total 90 hours teaching for 15 working days.

Students were benefited by different knowledgeable, motivating and training sessions by various subject experts, motivational speakers and renowned ayurveda practitioners.

Objectives of Transitional Curriculum:

1. Orientation of the college / institutional campus and the available facilities
2. Introduction of the officials of the campus, hierarchy and their roles
3. Orientation to office procedures, campus rules and regulations, code of conduct and dress codes, if any, rules and procedures for availing leave, procedures for availing library facility, anti-ragging committee & squad, safety apps, and so on
4. Introduction to various medical systems, scope of Ayurveda nationally and internationally, higher education in Ayurveda, job opportunities, entrepreneurship, etc
5. An overview of the BAMS curriculum and the subjects
6. Orientation of regulatory and governing bodies and introduction of their heads
7. Sanskrit Language orientation and spoken Sanskrit
8. Goal setting
9. Basic Life Support (BSL) Training
10. Orientation of basic computer skills
11. Personality development, Team building, Gender sensitization etc.

Transitional Curriculum Outcomes:

1. Familiar with the campus, infrastructure and facilities, officials and their roles
2. Understand and become familiar with the rules, regulations, and procedures of the college
3. Understand the code of conduct and campus behavior
4. Understand the scope of Ayurveda and opportunities
5. Familiar with the BAMS curriculum and subjects
6. Acquainted with regulatory / governing bodies
7. Capable of performing BSL
8. Acquire basic computer skills
9. Improve communication and conversation skills in Sanskrit
10. Develop leadership qualities
11. The ability to set goals