Dhanvantari Yagya 2022

Posted on January 17th, 2023 @ 02:52pm

At RK University Ayurvedic Hospital, the Intern Doctors had organized an auspicious 'Dhanvantri Yagya' on 28th November, 2022 to get blessings from Lord Dhanvantri and Asvinikumaras.

The benefits of such yagya are manifold - peace, prosperity, happiness, good health, longevity, better progeny, courage, enthusiasm, spiritual cultivation and many more. Energy alone is eternal and the Yagyas are an eternal science. The ancient sages of India had precise knowledge of transferability of mass and energy.

Shri N. S. Ramani, University Advisor, had graced the event with his presence. All the participants including Teaching Faculties, Final Year Students, and Hospital Staff participated enthusiastically.

Director of the institute, Dr Ketan Bhimani had concluded the event with his thanksgiving remarks.