Transitional Curriculum Program 2023

Posted on September 29th, 2023 @ 12:27pm

The students getting admitted to the Ayurveda graduate course (BAMS) are from different backgrounds, different regions having different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Their educational qualifications are also from diversified curriculums, i.e., state syllabus, CBSE, ICSE etc. studied in different mediums of language. Ayurveda is a unique medical system with subjects and terminologies that are different and typical. Hence, there is a need to transit students of diversified backgrounds to the unique Ayurveda Medical Science.

As per the guidelines given by Board of Ayurveda, National Commission for Indian Systems of Medicines, New Delhi, a 15 days Transitional Curriculum Program was organised at RK University Ayurvedic College, Rajkot between 21st February 2023 to 10th March 2023.

During this program many sessions were arranged like –

  • Computer skill and app installation By Mr Jay Fuletra
  • Institutional officials and their role. Rules and regulations by Dr Ketan Bhimani
  • Orientation of regulatory governing bodies by Dr Milind Chatrabhuji
  • Medical Ethics by Dr Pankaj Bhange
  • An Overview of the BAMS curriculum and the subjects, including highlights of the Minimum Standards of Education by Dr Dinesh Shingade
  • Ayurveda The Best career option by Dr Niraj Mehta
  • Team Building by Dr Amit Rajdev & Siddhant Doshi
  • Leadership & Time Management by Dr Nirav Mandavia & Jitendra Manglani
  • Ayurveda's national and international reach, higher education in Ayurveda, job opportunities, entrepreneurship, etc. by Dr Ragesh T H
  • Concepts of Ayurveda by Dr Rahul Arsude
  • Motivational Speech by Dr Amit Tanna
  • Motivational Speech by Dr ShrIkant Darokar
  • Motivational Speech by Dr Vijay Telang
  • Different committee in the institute by Dr Ketki Ramani And Dr Harsh Bhadarakiya
  • Rules and regulations of the campus, Campus behaviour, Code of conduct, Dress code, Discipline by Dr Bhavin Dubal
  • ASUS (Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, and Sowa-Rigpa) medical systems and their roles in primary health care, public health, and disease prevention by Dr Abhaysingh Patil
  • Communication Skills by Mr Jeet Madhani
  • Basic life support by Dr Priyanshu Rathod
  • Role of Ayush in COVID Management by Dr Shreekant Mundada
  • Foreign opportunities in Ayurveda by Dr Mandar Bedekar
  • Motivational Speech by Dr Ashish Tann
  • Critical Thinking by Mr Parth Raval
  • National Health Status, Goals and Policies by Dr Deepty Nair
  • Session of Vipassana Meditation By Vipassana Centre, Rajkot
  • Motivational speech by Brahmakumaris
  • Introduction of various medical system by DrKetan Bhimani
  • Health Awareness, Fitness and Hygiene By Dr Hemant Bamane
  • Vadatu Samskritam By Dr Avinash Kansagara
  • Examination Strategies By Alankar Trivedi
  • Gender sensitization by Dr Shweta Pande
  • Yoga Session By Dr Chetan Patel
  • Self Learning By Komal Suchak And Pooja Pandya
  • Goal Setting By Dr Vishal Doshi
  • Public Speaking (speaking in front of audience) by Varun Sangani & Piyush Sharma
  • Recreational activity by Dr Trupti Danidhariya and Dr Ravikumar
  • Session on GOVT Scholarships is conducted by Mr Rashmi bhai

After the Transitional Curriculum Program, post-programme test was conducted by Dr Ravikumar Parmar and feedback was taken by Dr Bhavin Dubal

The whole program is coordinated by Dr Hemant Bamane under the guidance of Dr Manoj Pande with the help of Dr Nikita, Dr Shivangi, Dr Purva, Dr Bhavin, Dr Milind, Dr Ravikumar, Dr Aarathi, Dr Vishakha and Dr Sreekant.